Imaging is the process of creating a visual representation (picture) of the interior of the body for analysis. The type of imagine will depend on the part of the body your doctor needs to see.

Imaging, x-ray, cat scan, Low Dose CTX-rays

Most of us have had or will have an X-ray at some point in our lives. A full spectrum of Digital X-rays can be performed at all Bethany Medical locations. Some of the most common X-rays are chest, abdomen, sinus, spine films and injuries to extremities.

CT Scanning

A CT (computerized tomography) scanner is a special kind of X-ray machine. This is commonly used to see bone, muscle and fatty tissue. Instead of sending out a single X-ray through your body as with ordinary X­rays, several beams are sent simultaneously from different angles to create a three dimensional image for a much clearer picture of the inside of the body.


Ultrasound is the use of high frequency sound waves to visualize structures in the body. Common sites that can be examined include the abdomen, pelvic region, and the breast. Gel is placed on the body and the area is scanned with an ultrasound head. Ultrasound aids in the detection of solid masses, cyst, gall stones, kidney stones, and other abnormalities.

Vascular Ultrasound

A vascular ultrasound is a form ultrasound that is used to evaluate blood flow. Common sites examined are the carotid arteries (located in the neck, they supply blood to the brain), legs, and arms. This test aids in the detection of blood clots and other blockages.

Low Dose CT for Lung Cancer Screening

Our low radiation CT scan enables early detection of lung cancer as testing screens for signs of lung cancer in otherwise healthy individuals. Early detection greatly increases the chances of survival.