“Excellent experience all the way around! This is how a facility should be run and to see it in action is absolutely awe-inspiring! I never thought I would experience healthcare on this level. I have recommended Bethany Medical to all of my family and friends. Thank you for the great care and service.”

“Amanda Taylor has gone above and beyond to meet my healthcare needs. She is caring and she listens. She does an excellent job getting tests and medicine to get me on the road to recovery!”

“I have recommended Dr. Vamsee Paruchuri to many of my friends and now they are his patients. I’ve seen several doctors and he is by far my favorite. He always takes his time to talk to me. I hope to continue seeing him for many years to come.”

“As a patient of Bethany Medical, I am treated very personally and made to feel that my healthcare is of the utmost importance. All procedures and tests are fully explained and I feel very confident and comfortable that I am getting the best care.”

“I love the friendly staff. I love that if there’s a problem, the doctor will do all he or she can to get to the cause and not just throw medication at you. I love a bottom line doctor.”.

“I really appreciate Dr. Sun’s interest in my wellbeing. He addresses my concerns and questions with great care and gives me confidence in the results of procedures.”

“I am recently a new patient here. I like Ryan Miller because he is very friendly, concerned, courteous, and professional.”

I would like to share that I worked for Dr Peters for 15 years until recently retiring due to medical issues. Dr Peters became the first positive male influence in my life as my father left at a very early age. What impressed me most when first meeting him was his coat. It says I treat God heals. He quickly taught me that God must come first. Most see him as a tough CEO, which is correct. When a person such as him has so many companies, he carries a huge responsibility which is the livelihood for all who he employes. With that said, he also carries the responsibility of 2 orphanages, all those that his foundation helps as well as the Lenny Peters award for his employees who are in need. Now he is instrumental in moving High Point forward. He is so much more than a CEO or entrepreneur for those willing to get to know him.  For me personally, moving from BMC to Peters Medical Research, he became a business mentor, patiently teaching me with sage guideance and leadership. He was my biggest cheerleader encouraging me even when I made errors. We began each morning with prayer, many times praying for others needs. He showed me that hard work, commitment and time management would take me where I wanted to go not just in work but in life. During the last 15 years, I have faced a lot of loss, Dr Peters supported me during the bad as well as the good. Each step of the way giving me confidence to walk through the new door presented and I am forever grateful. Now as I face the unknown, I do so with that same confidence because I remember the first lesson that he taught me, GOD first. I am thankful for all that Dr Peters has given me and been to me through the years, but am most thankful God put our paths together. I pray God’s favor on him always. Don’t ever miss an opportunity that God provides. Thank You Dr Peters for your friendship! I’ll never forget all you have done. 


Wendy Meris CCRC
Retired Vice President
Peters Medical Research LLC