As a provider at Bethany Medical Center, you are not just another employee, but a part of a team dedicated to success through high quality patient care. We are an independent, provider-owned practice that has served the Triad community since 1987. Bethany Medical Center seeks those providers who want the empowerment of maintaining their individual practice style without the worries that come with managing IT, billing, marketing, and human resources.

With over 80,000 patients seen yearly and a history of sustained growth, Bethany Medical Center offers a solid patient base for our providers. Extensive, on-site diagnostics allow us to serve patients within one practice, improving efficiency and quality of service.

We invite providers from all backgrounds and skill sets to join the Bethany family as we look forward to a successful future focused on partnering with providers and patients.

For more information on opportunities available for physicians and extenders or to submit your CV, contact Patrick Watterson PA-C, VP of Operations.

History of Bethany Medical Center

Dr. Lenny Peters founded the Bethany Medical Center family in July of 1987 based on the concept that patients are not just a number – they are real people with real needs. Today we have 25 providers and over 250 staff members who share this vision.

The name Bethany comes from the Bible. Bethany is the name of the house where Martha, Mary, and Lazarus lived. They were very different types of people who were united by their love for Jesus. At Bethany Medical Center, we are different types of people from different backgrounds who are united in love for our patients and fellow human beings. Our logo represents a door through which all types of people from various backgrounds can come through and be a part of the “Bethany Family.”

We are an independent, provider-owned group. We answer to ourselves and our patients. The average Bethany provider has been with the group for over 9 years.

Lenny Peters-Gastroenterology-HighPointNC

Dr. Lenny Peters, Founder & CEO

Provider Insights

Bethany is a strong team of experienced and compassionate providers. We are united in our belief to provide the same level of care that we want for our loved ones.

Don Bulla-Gastroenterology-HighPointNC

Don Bulla, PA-C, RPh

Patrick Watterson-InternalMedicine-HighPointNC

Patrick Watterson, PA-C

Bethany treats providers like providers, not just another employee. We team with our providers to achieve mutual success.

Bethany offers a sense of control over my own practice without the administrative demands. I also appreciate that, despite any of our differences, there is a strong sense of loyalty among Bethany providers.

Wayne Beauford-Pulmonology-HighPointNC

Wayne Beauford, M.D.