Dear Patient,

So you have decided to lose weight?  Weight loss is an ongoing journey full of ups and downs and we (Bethany) are here to help! Weight loss is a lifelong process not just a diet or a quick fix.  A big component in my patient’s weight loss success is making life style changes; change your environment, identify what led to the weight gain and address that issue. Do not set unrealistic expectations, reward yourself BUT not with food, weigh yourself regularly BUT don’t obsess over the scale.

We advise our patients to make small, gradual changes they are able to maintain long term.  Keep a food journal. And no eating before bedtime.  We ask everyone to increase their daily fiber intake.  Add more beans, whole grains, brown rice, nuts, (almonds, pecans, walnuts), baked potato with skin, Berries, cereal (5g+ per serving), oatmeal, vegetables, add fruits to your diet.

Exercise. Your body becomes accustomed to your daily activities and you cannot lose weight with your day to day activity alone.  We help our patients determine the appropriate daily and weekly activity levels they need to reach their weight loss goal.

And lastly, medications. We offer our patients a plan that directs them toward a gradual, steady weight loss that can include prescriptions.

There is no single weight loss plan that works for everyone. Each patient has a plan tailored to their individual needs, including diet, physical activity, medication, and support.

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