Why are Yearly Physicals So Important? 

yearly physicals, Bethany Medical Center, High Point, GreensboroRegular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start. They also can help find problems early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better. By getting the right health care services, screenings, and treatments, you are taking steps that help your chances for living a longer, healthier life. Your age, health and family history, lifestyle choices (i.e. what you eat, how active you are, whether you smoke), and other important factors impact what and how often you need healthcare. 

The CDC recommends the following health services be preformed yearly: 

  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection
  • Cholesterol
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening 
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Immunization Schedules
  • Oral Health for Adults 
  • Prostate Cancer Screening
  • Skin Cancer: Basic Information
  • Viral Hepatitis 

*Annual exams are free for most insurance companies as most preventive exams are under the Affordable Care Act. 

What our medical professionals are saying: 

“Your yearly physical is a great time for patients to check in about their health. From new symptoms to following up with medications and whether their benefits still outweigh possible side-effects, provide information beneficial to both the provider and patient. Physicals also allow the provider and patient a chance to get to know each other without the stress of a crisis, said Patrick Watterson, Physician Assistant and Vice President of Bethany Medical Center. 

“Apart from cancer and other screenings, such as diabetes and heart disease, the exam is valuable to answer patient questions about health and lifestyle. We can help steer patients in the right direction. It’s also helpful to document any normal variants on the physical exam to refer to in future visits. There’s considerable data showing that simple interventions such as these can result in behavior changes when the interventions are given regularly.” 

It’s time to take charge of your health! 

Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to discuss what screenings and exams you need and when you need them. Bethany offers primary care services at ALL locations and is open seven days a week. ALL Bethany primary care providers are accepting new patients.